My grief is not more shiny and special than yours. My pain is not more important.  Hard things are just hard. But in the compassion tent, there’s enough room for all of us to hold hands and say “I see you. I witness you. See? We are all here together. We are not alone.” 
— Nanea Hoffman

I see you. You are not alone.

I too have known trauma. I have been through crisis'. I have endured adversity, to name a few:

betrayal trauma - living with an addict - divorce - miscarriage - infertility - adoption - raising a child with special needs - single parenthood - chronic illness - health crisis - depression - anxiety - returning early from LDS mission - fire - ptsd - postpartum psychosis/depression - traumatic birth experience - financial crisis - suicide - living with a narcissist - sexual assault - loss of home, job, relationship - death of a loved one - spiritual crisis - childhood trauma -abandonment/neglect/abuse - mental health crisis. . .

You can read more of my story here>.

More important than my certifications, education, or degrees is that I have been there.

So, whether you are needing an expert, a coach, a hand-holder, a life-line, a BFF, a motivator, a shoulder, a cheerleader, or another member of your tribe..... I. am. here. for you.