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Adapted for those LDS Missionaries who have returned from the mission field early, this special in-person 12-week course follows Brené Brown's Shame Resiliency Curriculum. We will address the unique and challenging issues that these great young men and women face, helping let go and heal the feeling of being “never enough.” Our missionary journey is a lot like going into battle, and we come back changed covered in invisible battle scars. But regardless of how or when we return from "service," there is valor in our willingness to go to the battle field in the first place. We will gain critical awareness and practical tools to reframe our experience and let the honor of our service rest upon our shoulders. We find strength and courage to show up, be seen and live brave. Sharing our stories, within a safe group, we’ll let go of what we’re "supposed to be" and embrace who we truly are.

Earlier Event: October 25
Later Event: March 14