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Join me for a 12-week in-person course based on the research of Brené Brown. This experience brings critical awareness and practical tools to help you move through the feeling of being “never enough” or “always too much” into more authenticity as you gain the courage to show up, be seen and live brave. Sharing our stories, within a safe group, we’ll let go of what we’re "supposed to be" and embrace who we truly are.

Core elements of the course include:

  • Increasing Shame-Resilience by practicing critical awareness, recognizing shame and its triggers, reaching out and speaking shame
  • Learning and practicing the five Attributes of Empathy
  • Discovering the difference between guilt and shame
  • Debunking the myths of vulnerability
  • Embracing compassion, courage and connection
  • Accessing the power of owning our stories
  • Recognizing that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage


Earlier Event: January 24