Kintsugi Story Process


picking up the pieces Course

The Kintsugi Story Process is for those wishing to heal from a difficult birth experience, and all who are interested in self-awareness and personal empowerment. This course cultivates deep listening and compassion when you are exploring stories you are telling yourself about birth in our culture, the way you gave birth, or a birth you witnessed that has left you feeling unworthy, in shame or blame, or in confusion. This process begins with birth stories and becomes a pathway to exploring all of your life stories in a more meaningful way.

What does "kintsugi" mean?

In the West, we discard a broken teapot or sculpture, or try to repair it with invisible glue to conceal the cracks to make it look like new. But the Japanese have long been repairing cracked pottery with reverence using gold or silver laquer, a process they call kintsugi (pronounced kin-tsoo-gee). A once-broken pot becomes more beautiful, unique, and more valuable than the original pot. In this way, kintsugi becomes a metaphor for living by showing us how to mindfully pick up the pieces and embrace our brokenness.

Like a treasured ceramic dropped and shattered at your feet, sometimes unexpected events in birth suddenly shatter expectations, beliefs, dreams, confidence, and even relationships. The Kintsugi Story Process is a nourishing, self-help, story-mending process. In the future, you can continue to rely on the Kintsugi Process to track your mind and open your heart, and to move from shame, blame, or guilt to compassion, not only for yourself, but for everyone touched by birth in our culture.  

What you will need:

  • A spiral, lined journal that you will use only for this work; a muddy-colored or scruffed-up cover would be fitting (don't bring a pretty journal)

  • A fast-writing gel pen (sticky BIC pens or pencils are not recommended)

  • A daily 30-minute uninterrupted appointment with yourself to marinate in this work

  • Recommended: A ritual of picking up and integrating the pieces of your "fractured" story through meditation or artistic expression such as: Dance, Painting, Poetry, Drumming, Singing, Clay Sculpting, or a Personal Ritual of Healing

How to get the most out of this course:

During this four-week course we will meet for one hour and a half sessions where you will learn theory, watch demonstrations, and hear your practice-homework explained. You will experience visualizations and storytelling, and will engage in supportive conversations to clarify the process, ask questions, see the process demonstrated, and practice. In addition, you will receive in your email, written instructions, reading suggestions, and other materials to aid your learning that week. It is imperative that you do your part, to learn this process and benefit from it, through a daily practice and through submitting homework for check-ups by the deadline.

Checking parts of your homework before the next pre-recorded video is uploaded will ensure that you are building a good foundation, as well as ensure that each next step will fit like lock and key. 

What is the investment: $100 


Please note that Birth Story Medicine® is not counseling or psychotherapy and it is not a substitute for treatment.