I believe there are no coincidences, so the fact that you are reading these words tells me you have been led here by a stirring in your soul. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to choose to live more fully or to hold back. What could you do? Who could you be if you really faced the fears, grief, and beliefs that keep you stuck?

(Re)treat is for women seeking growth, clarity, truth, and self-realization. Each uniquely themed (re)treat has been specially created for like-minded women seeking…

Real Life Breakthrough

(Re)treat is stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative. Imagine having the time, space and safety to connect with who you truly are. Imagine being given tools that have been used for thousands of years and techniques that empower you to be your own healer. Imagine having permission to safely say goodbye to that which no longer supports you and welcome in the new. 

(re)treat is unlike any other …

It is like combining the best of a meditation silent retreat with spiritual life counsel and sacred psychology, creative expressive arts, yoga, healing nourishment, sacred ritual and personal medicine walks in nature… only instead of being plopped in a group auditorium – OR into the wilderness with only a tent and bottle of water, this process is nurtured in a much (MUCH) more civilized, comfy, and supported environment that effects the same powerful life breakthrough!

When you join us, you’ll enjoy unplugged, focused time healing and nourishing yourself. (Re)treat is designed to be small, intimate, and personal with less than 15 women attending. You’ll be encouraged to expand and discover more about yourself and your path to wholeness. We’ll participate in therapy, yoga, art, music, nourishing food, outdoor activities, intentional journaling, storytelling and more.

You will not emerge the same as you when you came. You will leave (re)treat with more strength, more trust in yourself, more connection, and more empowerment to live your authentic life.

A very important self-awakening, soul-stirring process has already begun...

...the process of coming Home to yourself.

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