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This is a half-day workshop. During this workshop, we will practice and build a whole new way of connecting to and communicating your boundaries. The atmosphere is relaxed, safe, and anonymous. Bring your journal and wear comfortable active clothing. A nourishing dinner will be provided. 

The THERE WILL BE CAKE philosophy on boundaries is 2-fold. First, boundaries come from a solid place within. They're rooted in the belief and knowledge that you have a fundamental right to that boundary. Second, boundaries are an invitation to others. It's an opportunity for kindness, connection, and rebuilding. It's a place to invite those we care about to meet us where we are at.   

At this workshop you will:

  • Learn body posturing and how to be firm and flexible at the same time

  • Connect to what grounds you and work from your core values

  • Learn specific tools, scripts, and language for communicating boundaries

  • Know what to do when boundaries are crossed or invitations aren't met

  • Learn what your body is telling you, and how to act on it

  • Learn the science of action; how to reroute the brain & body to a place of competence

Earlier Event: December 28