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Release. Receive. Repeat. (burning ritual)

When we are looking towards creating a fulfilling life, we must often release stagnant energy or situations that have built up within us.

Often times, talking and talking and talking about something will not actually help us to release it. But when we create a ritual to release the energetic ties to a person, place or situation; when we cleanse away the old, we create a very sacred and beautiful space to invite in the new.

Getting rid of something is the best way to make room for new growth. And, I can't think of a more visceral way to do this, than with fire.

Whether it's a t-shirt, jewelry, your Weight Watchers tracking sheet, old letters or pictures, a piece of paper with all your words written on it, lingerie, or a small spool of thread that represents how tied up you have felt...bring it, burn it and let's celebrate the fire to change that's within us all. 

So, invite your friends, bring something to burn, light a match, and join us. 

Later Event: December 28